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We are a professional creative digital hub.

Meet The Team

We're an award-winning multidisciplinary team that believes in the alchemy of creativity, technology, and intelligence. Our ability to see possibilities where others may not – and the ability to bring those ideas to life – set us apart. As a result, briefs at Odin Hub can become anything – whatever is right to solve the challenge.

“Odin Hub was there every step of the way and brought my vision further than I could have imagined!”

Hong QuanMarketing Manager, Stelia
CEO, Founder

Anass. I

Anass is Odinhub’s eye; he literally has one eye! But one that sees beauty in everything and brings life to the most mundane. Whether it’s your website, video, or photos, you can rest assured that everyone would find it visually appealing. As a creative director, he adds an aesthetic touch to everything, and with his perfectionist personality, our clients never feel the need to make changes! 
COO, Partner, Psychologist

Elena D.

Elena is the person everyone would come to when they have a personal issue. As a psychologist and L&D specialist, she has a way with people and always knows the right thing to say! Her true psychic insight and deep empathy are some of the qualities we’re sure you’d appreciate when working with her on branding or training development.
CAO, Educational Engineer

Hakim A.

Hakim’s love for philosophy and education makes him a perfect fit for what he does. As an educational engineer and creative writer, he goes deep with everything! From tailoring the architecture of learning experiences to writing articles about almost anything, he takes pride in the depth of his expertise and the encyclopedic aspect of his mind.
CTO, Software Engineer

Hamza Z.

Hamza is a problem-solver! From mind-bending mathematical equations to the most challenging technical issues, he will always come screaming: “I got it, I solved it!”. Sleepless nights and moments of despair would never get in his way of solving whatever it is everyone else is struggling with. OdinHub owes all of its “Advanced” to his expertise and dedication.

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