Chams Al-Ouloum

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Based in Guelmim, Morocco, Chams Al-Ouloum is a private school that was established in 1993. Being one of the first private institutions in the region, they’ve built a strong reputation among local parents.

However, Covid 19 has been a great challenge for them. And the school had to find some innovative ideas for their educational process. Moving towards e-learning required not only an advanced online platform and adjusted curriculum, but also a new shining identity.

The managers at Chams Al-Ouloum were looking to undertake a complete rebranding project to reflect their new vision and values. The old logo they were using was tired and did not reflect what the school wanted to be, or the image they wanted to project in the community.

A school’s branding, logo, and outdoor and indoor signage are essential elements in portraying itself to students, parents, and staff. School signage needs to be a focal point for students to take pride in their education.

The project stages:

Concept design: We identified the school’s design brief, requirements, and needs for the rebranding project.

Scheme design: Here we took the ideas developed in the concept design stage and build them into a proposed solution for the school.

Artwork design and asset handover: We finalized the brand guidelines and implemented those new elements in school’s design (logo, stationary, uniforms, school busses etc.)


Chams Al-Ouloum [Re-branding]


Chams Al-Ouloum

What We Did

Branding, Graphic Design

Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.

We have decided to preserve the idea of Chams Al-Ouloum -which is an Arabic expression that translates to “the sun of sciences’’- but at the same time highlight the new progressive and modern look.

We were able to develop an exciting new brand that successfully shows the new vision and values at Chams Al-Ouloum.

Was the project victorious?
Hell yeah! Kids and parents loved the new look and uniforms. This new brand identity created a positive change in how members of the school perceived their establishment; it increased the brand awareness within its region; and resulted in achieving a strong brand loyalty (while other schools in town were facing withdrawals of students due to harsh lockdowns, Chams Al-Ouloum maintained all of their students and continued their educational process online).