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Enlitened is a food safety consultancy that delivers smarter food solutions to food businesses. As a personal brand, its main effort is to communicate and present its value to the world. The way it is perceived in minds of people in the market is vital professionally.

In life, we are all judged by our looks. No matter what we do or say, our physical appearance is the strongest contributor to other people’s opinions about us. The same principle goes for brands. Your website, your logo, your business card… They speak about your business to your current and potential clients and allow you to make sure that people see you in the way you want to be seen.

Enlitened is a highly professional and trustworthy consultancy, and certainly one of the best in the region. At Odin Hub, we did our best to communicate that message to the public, by creating seamless web development and graphic design.

We were able to ensure that its website is visually appealing, user-friendly, and reflects the value of the brand.





What We Did

Web Development

Your design doesn’t define your value, but it sets an impression on your clients!

From the clean and modern website layout, which makes the user experience easy and pleasurable, all the way to the calm greenish-blue color palette, that reflects the idea of trust and safety. Our work resulted in delivering a salient, elegant, and conversion-optimized website with its best look regardless of how clients choose to view it – desktop, tablet, or smartphone.