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A study by Forrester concluded that 71% of consumers start their buying journey using a search engine like Google or Bing and 74% of them stated that they used search engines during the research portion of the consideration stage. Websites have almost completely replaced the traditional shop window. Having said that, a well-designed, maintained, and updated website can be the key to keeping up with the competition.

But let’s face it, even if you already had a website, you would definitely need a new one. In the same way if you have a shop that is cash-only, you might lose all your customer sooner than you think. The world is changing day by day, and so does your business. And it’s an amazing thing, but your website has to change and grow with you. So, if your website no longer represents your brand, it lacks visual appeal or if visitors have difficulty navigating your site, it’s the time to redesign it!




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Web Development

No business should ever be at a standstill, and your website should be reflective of that.

As a leading construction company in Wexford, Icon Group has been in the market for more than 10 years. A lot has changed since then and their website didn’t adequately represent where Icon Group is at today. They’ve simply grown beyond it!

While creating a new website for Icon Group, our priority was to make it easy for the customers to connect. Because speed is everything in the digital world. And we all know how frustrating slow-loading pages could be. Another way to achieve pleasant UX (User Experience) is by creating a user-friendly site map. We’ve decided to focus on easy-to-use pop-down menus, a more streamlined menu bar, color coding, and better labeling.

We’ve put tremendous work into changing the whole visual appeal in order to give it a more modern and livelier look. Not only did we add more interactive material but also redesigned text content that is interesting and presented in a clear, convincing manner.

To assure that Icon Group’s website is the core engine that drives Internet conversions and sales, we made sure that all web pages are mobile-friendly, engage customers and provide clear Calls To Action. Furthermore, we’ve integrated all Social Media profiles into the website and the option of making payments online.

The new website immediately showed a huge difference in performance – a website, that looks and feels professional, is easy to maintain, has better SEO, tasteful design, and a strong user experience.

You can move the handle left or right to see the difference in performance between the old website and the new one.

(According to Google’s PageSpeed)