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In the Moroccan Sahara gate, a guesthouse like no other provides a journey into the nomadic culture. Located in the Tighmert Oasis, a 15-minute drive from Guelmim, Maison Nomades offers a unique experience for travelers from all around the world. However, its location is also challenging for a business since it merely depends on international visitors.

In this case, traditional marketing simply doesn’t work. The owner of Maison Nomades wanted to show all the breath-taking facilities provided at the guesthouse. But merely putting pictures on, at some point you will run out of ideas. That’s what sets Video Promo apart from traditional types of advertisement. Videos hook you quickly, draw you in, and deliver a clear message. 87% of businesses are using video in their marketing.

Opening the scene with a woman wandering around is a classic attention-grabbing technique that’s effective, but not overly aggressive. The mystery leads the audience to a smooth shot of a Berber village that’s totally picturesque. At this point, we just want to be there! The intriguing tribal music creates a strong feeling of enigma and adventure.

The video follows a foreign traveler who’s falling in love with this exotic place and finding herself welcomed by the owner of Maison Nomades. At the end of the video, we see her dressed in traditional Berber clothing, drinking Moroccan tea next to a fireplace.


Awaken The Nomad


Maison Nomades

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Video Production

You don't want them to watch it, you want them to feel it.

In our video for Maison Nomades we featured all the unique facilities this guesthouse can offer: a terrace with views of the palm grove, a Berber tent, and a garden. As well as the organization of excursions with a professional guide, 4×4 trips, camel rides, Fesk Waterfalls and a Museum of Barber culture.

There’s something ancient and mystique in the atmosphere. And it touches our almost childish desire to feel the same way; the desire to EXPLORE! The video ends with a call to action to ‘’awaken the nomad within us’’ and book a dream getaway.


“What I love the most about Odin Hub is that they don’t just do what we ask verbatim. They ask questions to get to the root of our goals.”

Empowering businesses with the magic of storytelling.

Video Promotion can be used at almost any sales funnel stage, including raising awareness, evoking interest in your service, or building client loyalty. This video was shared by multiple travel groups on social media. It got more than 10k views organically in a few days on Facebook. The feedback we’ve got from the owner of Maison Nomades was heart-warming. He was proud to share a video with his guests, who were deeply impressed and urged to post it on their own social media channels. Maison Nomades was now recognized as a must-see destination for European visitors who come to Morocco.


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