Phangan Arena

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Located 2.2 km from Blackmoon Culture in Baan Tai, Phangan Arena Hostel is the most popular stay for young travelers, who are in search of affordable accommodation in Koh Phangan.

While creating a promotional video for a hostel, there are a few things to consider:

– Who is your main customer?

– What can your place offer?

– What culture are you promoting?

Phangan Arena is not your typical luxury hotel. It’s a whole community! And it’s the leading destination for backpackers from all around the world. So, what comes to mind when you hear backpacking lifestyle? A traveler, who goes from one place to another, bringing only essentials in a backpack? A lifestyle of low-cost travel and vacations? While there are many stereotypes, backpackers are mostly young people, driven by a passion for exploring the unknown, connecting with others through games and activities, and of course, partying!


Phangan Arena


Phangan Arena Hostel

What We Did

Video Production

It’s vital that the audiences vibe with your content.

Our team created a persona-based promotional video to shift the focus from product-centric to customer-centric. A ‘’cool’’, progressive backpacker, who’s enjoying her perfect stay at Phangan Arena, making new friends and new memories. Throughout the video, we follow her being amused by exciting activities, amazing beaches, and breathtaking festivals. The video is saturated with colors, happiness, and fun – everything a young free spirit is looking for.


“It was so much fun to see the process of creating such videos… and I guess the results speak for themselves!”

One catchy video is all it takes, sometimes, to get the customers you’re looking for. 

As a result, we delivered a catchy video, that made viewers fall in love with Phangan Arena before they even visited the place. The promotion was a real hit – people were sharing the video on their personal social media; the engagement in comments was overwhelming; current guests were asking the management of the hostel to tag them in the video posted on Instagram and Facebook.


Percent increase in overall business


Beds booked during the campaign


Reviews written since the launch