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Phuket Cleanse is Thailand’s leading all-inclusive wellness retreat, that offers its customers a full-scale health transformation. Cozy rooms, healthy food, classes, massages, lectures, daily laundry, and more. There are even labs, where you can do blood work and hormone panel testing, and even IV drips full of nutrients and other small molecules.

Every year hundreds of wealthy people join Phuket Cleanse to change their lives and become a better, healthier version of themselves. So how do you promote such a business?

Most life-changing alterations take place in daily life when you are going about your usual routines. Before we chose a ‘’transformation Guru’’, we want to know how we achieve the change and what is the end result. So, the real transformation starts with a decision! With a small step – booking a place!

It turns out that because of mirror neurons we can experience vicarious life events as if they really happened to us. And that is the reason video marketing indeed is the best way to connect to your customers and inspire them to take an action. The strong emotions you feel during a well-told story further cement memory.


A day at Phuket Cleanse


Phuket Cleanse Resort

What We Did

Video Production

Most of the time change occurs from stories that we read, hear, or see.

Odin hub created a video, that takes viewers through a transformational journey with Luke & Claire (professional models from Australia) in Thailand’s leading Detox Resort. Everything from Meditation and Yoga to Sup boarding and Muay Thai is what a healthy day looks like at Phuket Cleanse.

It’s an inspirational video, full of energy and good vibes. The motivational script is accompanied by workout music that urges you to take the action NOW!


“We’re thrilled by this collaboration with Odin Hub that brought the results we never expected”

Videos with an inspirational story call for action more than any other medium.

Based on the booking calls and reviews, the video evoked strong emotional reactions. From the 2nd week of the video being posted on Phuket Cleanse’s website, they’ve received almost 2x more new bookings and 22 re-bookings from existing clients. Some of the current customers even asked our team to create personal videos about their ‘’transformation’’ experiences at Phuket Cleanse for their vlogs and Social Media.


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