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The client needed education material in Aerospace. They wanted An introduction to satellites, a course that aims to present the basics of satellites for students in the UAE.

Facing changes in the workforce takes courage and the willingness to evolve. Micro courses are short, compact learning solutions so you can develop specific competencies, fast and effectively.

We designed animated diagrams and activities that aim to facilitate learning and understanding of the training topic for the target audience. Aiming to introduce, inspire and engage learners to study Satellites, and also to serve as an introduction to the pedagogy and resources offered in full courses on aerospace.

Based on the principles of techno pedagogy, we took our client’s raw content and transformed it into an interactive course using powerpoint 360 and ispring suite.


Introduction to Satellites


What We Did

Elearning Development

Instructional design is the art of transforming raw content into interactive learning experiences!

Our intervention in this project was based on the analysis of raw content and showing it in a new way that facilitates both the comprehension and the understanding of the training subject.

With the help of our team of experts in pedagogical and presentation design, we were able to provide our client with a microlearning project ready to be shared online with the target audience. It was an aspiring project that promoted Saal’s culture of continuously raising the bar to challenge and prepare future leaders.