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As an ideal spot for leisure travel developing strongly in Vietnam, Stelia Beach Resort takes ultimate advantages featuring private and elegant spaces, fully equipped modern facilities, and high-class services in international standards to attract travelers who are looking for a worthy vacation in the heart of the coastal city.

However, even a stunning design and luxurious service can easily go unseen in a heavily overcrowded online world. When you plan your next holiday, you usually do some basic Google search in order to see accommodation options. But pictures of rooms and facilities do not guarantee a perfect stay. You want to FEEL that place! So, you take your research to YouTube – the second-largest platform in the world.

That’s where video marketing comes in. A professionally created hotel video will help your business gain credibility in the marketplace. Video content won’t just help you tell your story, but it also allows your potential customers to get a feel for your hotel’s facilities and services before they book a room on your website.

The Video Production process for Stelia Beach Resort started with creating a powerful message, a feeling that the company wanted to share with their audience – ‘’Immerse yourself in a fantastic feeling and bring memorable experiences for your desired holiday’’.


A day at Stelia


Stelia Beach Resort

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Marketing, Video Production

Logic makes people think. Emotions make people act.

To enchase the ideal feeling in the video, we created a 1-day story of a young woman, enjoying her stay at Stelia Beach Resort. A relaxing morning routine, midday wonderings around the premise, delicious dinner at the restaurant, and, of course, the soul of this amazing experience – an exciting evening show with traditional Vietnamese dancers, singers, and musicians. All the details highlight the exceptionality of this fabulous resort.


“Odin Hub is by far the most astonishing digital agency out there! I literally could not be happier that I chose to try their services!”

A video that tells a story can go a long way.

Why do companies need marketing? Every business wants to achieve at least two things: bringing more awareness to their service and increasing revenue. In this case the video, OdinHub created for Stelia Beach Resort had a great success. On YouTube only, they’ve got more than 2.6K views; Facebook – more that 8.8K views and hundreds of comments! More than that, during a single month after the release of the video, they’ve received nearly 20% more bookings than usual.


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